Tropical Beach was created conserving the balance between the nature and the human beings, since the used material is natural wood, the one that transmits a positive energy in each place.



Tropical Beach, offers him wide and comfortable Huts, Suites and Rooms furnished, with all the comforts that you deserve



Comes and enjoy one of the spas but charmed of the Ecuador, located in General Villamil Playas to 45 minutes of Guayaquil. It possesses the second better Climate of the World according to The UNESCO. One of the most extensive beaches in the Ecuador (14 Kms.) and a good climate is two of the main attractiveness that he/she offers this spa to the visitors. The cordiality of its inhabitants, is another of this population's positive aspects, of about 20 thousand inhabitants that are devoted mainly to the fishing and the tourism. Beaches offer diverse attractiveness, because there is enough I space to take a bath, to make sports or simply to rest.


cabañas Playa Tropical